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Cowshed Dig none
Kingsfield Quarry - 47 New Road Mine20667
Avalon Farm Mine Mine
Slim Slocker Cave219
Giggle and Titter Dig, Sink220
Chantry Grotto Artif
Hapsford House Grotto none
Bristol Road Pit Cave
Pickwick Quarry - Old Air Shaft 1 Mine, Shaft118
Pickwick Quarry - Old Air Shaft 2 Mine, Shaft124
Pickwick Quarry - Old Air Shaft 3 Mine, Shaft128
Pickwick Quarry Trial Shaft Mine, Shaft12
Callow Drove Cave Cave
Gillings Down Gypsum Workings Mine, Quarry
Hurcot Hill Gypsum Workings Mine, Quarry
Aller Hill Alabaster Workings Mine, Quarry
Dunball Salt Works Borehole
Dunball Salt Works Borehole
Leigh Woods Mine 1 Mine
Leigh Woods Mine 3 none
Pillow Mound Shaft none63152
Preston School Cave Cave
Kestrel Cave none1515
Tucking Mill Cave Cave3150
Fallen Tree Cave, Dig, Sink64219
Monks Park North (Leafields) Slope Shaft none
Monks Park North (Leafields) Vertical Shaft Shaft
Holy Mans Cave Cave, Archaeo
Larkhill WW1 Tunnels & Trenches Archaeo, Lost, Artif, MOD114
Timbercombe Cave Cave4

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