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1921 Dig Dig, CROW11171
200 Yard Dig Dig, CROW66113
Aveline's Hole Cave, CROW681699
Barren Hole Cave, CROW32165
Bath Swallet Cave, CROW7637168
Bos Swallet Cave, Archaeo, Sink, CROW7842178
Boulder Shaft Dig, CROW66204
Bruce's Hole Dig, CROW11143
Cafe Hole CROW1192
Drunkard's Hole Cave, Sink, CROW12748175
East Twin Middle Sink Dig, CROW63170
East Twin Swallet Cave, Sink, CROW27438150
East Twin Top Sink Dig, CROW61183
Elephant's Hole Cave, CROW177174
Elephant's Rift Cave, CROW1110182
Ellick Farm Swallet Sink00216
Flange Swallet Dig, Sink, CROW1010134
Fox Holes Cave, CROW61160
Foxes Hole Cave, CROW4810172
Frog's Hole Cave, CROW32187
Gauge House Rising Rising0061
Goatchurch Cavern Cave, CROW75055162
Goon's Hole Cave2310126
Guy Hole Lost000
Johnny Nash's Hole Cave, CROW65136
Langford Rising Rising0040
Layby Dig CROW33137
Lionel's Hole Cave, CROW100643134
Lizard Hole Mine, CROW109190
Milliar's Quarry Cave Cave, CROW1714113

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