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Ariel Cave (Blacknor Hole)

Westcliff, Portland.

NGR:SY 67908 71665
WGS84:50.54386, -2.45427
Length:875 m
Depth:0 m
Altitude:0 m

Portland's premier cave for geological and sporting interest. Vadose passages below tabular-chert roof, heavily invaded by much younger mass-movement rifts. Some coloured formations. Access (2020) from abseil take-off alongside coast path on top of cliff or by climbing bolted sport route (Drag Racing Underground) from below. Ensure you are not breaking any seasonal bird-protection restrictions before using the main entrance. A second entrance (Queen's Entrance) exists 45 m south at the same altitude however there is no easy access from either above or below.

Connected to Sandy Hole via a very difficult and tight rift providing a long and sporting through trip. Combined length of caves is ‭2,489‬ m.

More commonly known as Blacknor Hole.

Alternate Names: Blacknor Hole

Notes: Karst / Mass-movement hybrid system

Hydrographic Feeds: Long-lost to erosion of catchment. Some evidence of river valleys to E & W of Portland.

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