Cave Surveys

MCRA makes available

  • Drawn up surveys (below).
  • The data collected to produce surveys. (Through the Cave Data Archive maintained by the CSG and BCA.)

The following surveys are available for download as reduced size images or PDF scans. These are reasonably adequate for printing, but if you require a copy of the original file (mainly high resolution TIFF format) please contact the MCRA.

The copyright for these surveys remains with the original club/authors. These images are made available only for personal, non-commercial use.

Cave/Mine Year Authors
A Hole 1992 A. Legg
Aveline's Hole 1968 R. D. Stenner
Balch Cave Sections 1962 A. J. Surrall, J. D. Hanwell, D. Warburton
Balch Cave 1962 A. J. Surrall, J. D. Hanwell, D. Warburton
Balch Cave (Post Quarrying) 1999 R. Taviner (based on D. Warburton 1965)
Banwell Caves ? ?
Banwell Caves (Elevation) 1975 M. D. Clarke, C. Richards
Blake's Farm Swallet & Hopeful Hole (Surface) 1995 R. Taviner
Bleadon Cavern ? ?
Browne's Hole 1964 C. Jones, K. Barber, R. Witcombe, M. Harrison, M. Rossiter
Brown's Folly Mine 1978 D. Irwin
Cheddar Gorge Caves of 1965 W. I. Stanton
Compton Martin Ochre Mine 1992 A. Legg, P. Blackwell
Cooper's Hole 1963 M. Rennie, T. Gabb
Cow Hole 1979 G. Price
Cuckoo Cleeves 1968 D. Warburton, P. Davies
Dallimore's Cave 1972 R. D. Mehew, M. T. Mills
Dallimore's Cave 1991 SMCC, OUCC
Denny's Hole 1992 A. Legg
Devil's Hole 1992 A. Legg
East Twin Swallet 1969 R. Bennett, D. Irwin, R. Saunders, G. Tilly
Eastwater Cavern 1941 N. L. Paddock, J. W. Duck, T. M. Blanch, W. Hooper
Eastwater Cavern Sheet 2 1954 D. Warburton, A. J. Surrall
Eastwater Cavern Upper Series Plan 1954 D. Warburton, A. J. Surrall
Fairy Cave Quarry 1977 G. Price
Fox's Hole Compton Bishop 1992 A. Legg
Goatchurch Cavern 1959 M. Rennie
Goatchurch Cavern Plan 1963 ? M. Rennie
Goatchurch Cavern Elevation 1963 ? M. Rennie
Goatchurch Cavern Sections 1963 ? M. Rennie
Gough's Caves Cheddar 1935 C. H. Hayes
Gough's Caves Cheddar Gorge 1952 W. I. Stanton
Heale Farm Cave 1975 D. A. Walker, D.U.S.A.
Holwell Cave (Simplified) 1958 A & T.C. Bryant, A.R. Griffin, B.N. Scott, drawn by P. Davies
Holwell Cavern 1968 B. M. Ellis, M. T. Mills, W. N. Tolfree
Hopeful Too Elevation 1999 R. Taviner
Hopeful Too Plan 1999 R. Taviner
Hunters' Hole 1975 R. D. Mehew, M. T. Mills
Hutton Cavern No. 2 1972 M. D. Clarke, C. Richards
Lamb Lair Cavern ? McMurtrie, Balch, drawn by J. H. Savory
Lamb Leer Cavern 1962 D. Warburton, A. J. Surrall, P. Davies
Lionel's Hole 1970 W. I. Stanton
Longwood Swallet Elevation 1961 M. Rennie - revised Knibbs 1984
Longwood Swallet Sheet 1 1961 M. Rennie
Longwood Swallet Sheet 3b 1961 M. Rennie
Longwood Swallet Upper Series Plan 1961 M. Rennie
Nine Barrows Swallet 1967 Church, Davies, Lawrence, Kenny, Surrall, Warburton
North Hill Swallet 1971 B. Willie
Picken's Hole 1992 A. Legg
Pierre's Pot 2013 C. Cohen, K. Hilton
Pinetree Pot 1962 Rennie, Jackson, Cotter, Catherine, Knibbs, Gibb
Priddy Green Sink 2005 K. Hilton, E. Heron
Quaking House Cave 1962 T. Charles, M. Bryant
Read's Cavern 1966 W. I. Stanton
Rhino Rift 1971 W. I. Stanton
Scragg's Hole 1992 A. Legg
Shatter Cave 1970 A. Butcher, M. Mills
Singing River Mine 1971 M. D. Clarke, C. Richards
Sludge Pit & Nine Barrows Swallet ? U.L.S.A
St. Cuthbert's Swallet Preliminary 1962 B. M. Ellis
St. Cuthbert's Swallet Elevation 1962 B. M. Ellis
St. Cuthbert's Swallet Addendum No. 1 1963 R. Roberts
St. Cuthbert's Swallet Plan 1972 B. M. Ellis, D. J. Irwin, M. T. Mills
St. Cuthbert's Swallet (Plan) 1978 Irwin, Stenner et al
Steep Holm Island ? ?
Stoke Lane Slocker 1957 D. C. Ford, D. Warburton, P. Davies
Stoke Lane Swallet 1948 Coase, Stanbury, Ridyard, Browne
Supra Sandy Hole 1992 A. Legg
Swildon's Hole 1965 Devenish, Wells, Lloyd, Mills, Davies, Ford, Stanton
Thrupe Lane Swallet 1977 P. S. Dunk, M. T. Mills
Thrupe Lane Swallet 2 ? D. Everett
Thrupe and Thrupe Lane Swallets (Surface) 2003 R. Taviner
Thrupe Swallet Elevation 2003 R. Taviner
Thrupe Swallet Plan 2003 R. Taviner
Tyning's Barrows Swallet 1978 D. Irwin
Ubley Hill Pot 1962 M. Rennie
Ubley Warren Pot 1968 M. Ferraro, A. Jarratt, R. Pike, C. Richards
Waldegrave Swallet 1962 “F.G.B” (Graham Balcombe)
Withybrook Slocker 1962 D. Warburton, J. D. Hanwell
Withyhill Cave 1975 D. Irwin

A further collection of Mendip cave surveys, especially for the Burrington Combe and Cheddar Gorge areas, can be found at the above mentioned Cave Data Archive and from the UBSS. Relevant copyright information is given on those websites, but the majority are freely available for personal, non-commercial use.

Name Year Authors
Admiralty Rift 1990 D. Sealy, N.Graham. (Weymouth) Youth Activity Centre
Anniversary Rift 1973 A. J. MacTavish
Ariel Cave (first rough survey) 1974 Hardeye's School CCF
Ariel Tunnel & Blacknor Fort System 1990 M. Read
Blacknor Hole Part 1 1988 M. Read
Blacknor Hole Part 2 1988 M. Read
Blacknor Hole (Piccadilly Circus) 1988 M. Read
Cherty Rift 1975 DCG. pub. in J.DorsetCG(3)5
Coffin Hole 2021 T. Rose, S. Watson, N. Butler
Fossil Cave 1969 LUSS. pub. in Trans.CRG(12)4
Gemini Rift 1973 DCG. pub. in J.DorsetCG(2)4
Grove Cliff Caves 1987 P. Strong, M. Crocker, N. Graham. in J.WCC(19)216
Grove Cliff Caves 2019 T. Rose, S. Watson, R. Saunders
Higher Headlands Quarry Cave 1991 E. Waters, W. Brown
Hopeless Hole 2020 T. Rose, S. Watson
Kiddies Rift 2021 T. Waters, S. Watson
Nookey Hole and Red Door Tunnel 2021 T. Rose, M. Read
Persil Rift 1983 Weymouth & Portland VSU
Persil Rift 2020 T. Rose, M. Kousiounis
Persil Rift 2021 T. Rose, M. Kousiounis, N. Butler
Red Door Tunnel 1991 WCC
St Andrew's Well 1991 WCC
Sand Hole 1976 DCG. pub. in J.DorsetCG(4)3
Sandy Hole (Fragment) ? DorsetCG
Sandy Hole 1981 MSG/DCG
Sharbutts Rift 2022 T. Rose, S. Watson
Showerbath Cave 2023 T. Rose, N. Butler
Steve's Endeavour 1983 MoldywarpsSG. pub. in C&C(22)
Steve's Endeavour / Hopeless Hole 2022 T. Rose, S. Watson
The Blow Hole 1994 WCC
Walditch Cave 1987 C. Proctor, N. Poole. BridportCG. in Descent82
Windy Dig 1971 WeymouthVS / DorsetCG
Arc Rift (Lost) 1991 WCC
Australia Rift (Lost) 1972 DorsetCG
Bowers Rift (Lost) 1991 WCC
Crocodile Canyon (Lost) 1971 DorsetCG
Glow-worm Rift (Lost) 1990 (Weymouth) Youth Activity Centre/WCC
Jeweller's Rift & Dolphin Rift (Lost) 1991-93 WCC
New Passage (Lost) 1969 WeymouthVS
Perfidy Caves (Lost) 1990 WCC
Sawmill Cave (Lost) 1963 C. Eden, R.Harker
St George's Rift (Lost) 1983 MoldywarpsSG
White River Cave (Lost) 1965 PortlandCG
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