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Sandy Hole (Portland)

Westcliff, Portland.

NGR:SY 67979 71244
WGS84:50.54008, -2.45323
Length:1614 m
Depth:0 m
Altitude:0 m

Proposed to be Blacknor Hole's downstream continuation. West-East phreatic entrance tube intercepts main, North-South, para-phreatic passages. Blacknor Hole link at North end via tight and arduous rift. Combine length of Blacknor-Sandy system is ‭2,489‬ m. Southwards is arguably the UK's longest single crawl to a view past a fallen block - and may eventually dip below sea-level...

Alternate Names: Foghorn Cave; Fog Horn Cave

Notes: Karst / Mass-movement hybrid system.

Length excludes Blacknor Hole.

Sandy Hole (Portland), Dorset Caving Group, ?
Sandy Hole (Portland), Dorset Caving Group, 1971-2
Sandy Hole (Portland), Moldywarps Speleological Group, 1983

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