Willie's handwritten survey notebooks have been scanned and are available for download in PDF format:
  • WIS Survey Book 1 complete.pdf, 1952-1962, 87 pages, 3 MB PDF.

    Includes survey data for Reservoir Hole, Long Hole, Gough's and other Cheddar Gorge caves, parts of Swildon's Hole.

  • WIS Survey Book 2 complete.pdf, 1963-1990, 126 pages, 5 MB PDF.

    Includes more survey data for Reservoir Hole and Cheddar Gorge caves, Chelms Combe Quarry caves, Swildon's Hole, Read's Cavern, Wookey Hole, Ebbor Gorge caves, Lionel's Hole, Fairy Cave Quarry caves, Manor Farm Swallet, (Upper) Flood Swallet, Waterwheel Swallet, Grebe Swallet and others.