Luke William English Devenish FIExpE.

From the late 1940s until the 1980s, Luke Devenish was one of Mendip's more colourful characters, known to farmers and landowners as well as to cavers.

The complete transcriptions of Luke's logbooks, including hundreds of photographs and sketches, are available here for download as PDF files:

  1. Compendium Introduction [68 KB]
  2. Early Notebooks (1940-47) [5 MB] (see also Index Spreadsheet compiled by Alan Gray)
  3. Caving Diary Volume 1 (1947-49) [54 MB]
  4. Caving Diary Volume 2 (1949-51) [43 MB]
  5. Exploration of Ores Close Mineshafts (1957) [761 KB]

Thanks for this massive and meticulous electronic transcription effort go to Phil Hendy of the Wessex Cave Club.

Location/owner: WCC. Photographed/scanned by: Phil Hendy.

Notebook Photographs
Notebook Photographs
Photos from Luke Devenish's Brown Notebook. See the index spreadsheet for more details.