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Wookey Hole

Wookey Hole.

NGR:ST 53191 48008
WGS84:51.22933, -2.67176
Length:3659 m
Depth:143 m
Altitude:70 m

Show cave with six accessible chambers. Farthest reaches explored by CDG including large Wookey 20. Sump 25 dived to -210ft. Roman-British remains, including human, found in cave. Probably lost cave of Cheddar.

Alternate Names: Wokiole, Wockey-Hole, Hockie-Hole, Ochy Hole, Ochie Hole, Okey Hole, Owkie Hole

Hydrographic Feeds: Cross; Easter; Eastwater; Hillgrove; Priddy Green; Rock Shelter; Rookery Farm; St. Cuthbert's; Swildon's Hole

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Rough Sketch-Plan for J4S2, [based on Duck, J.W.], 1948

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