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-==== Original Articles ==== 
-This section contains original articles of spelaeological interest 
-{{:​archaeology:​mendip_archaeo_simmonds.pdf|An overview of the archaeology of Mendip caves and karst}} by Vince Simmonds (revised 2016). 
-{{swildon_s.pdf|Swildon'​s - What's in a name?}} A Suggestion for the derivation of the name Swildon'​s by R. M. Taviner 
-{{wheel_pit.pdf|The Great Wheel Pit Mystery}} by R. M. Taviner 
-{{sandford_gulf.pdf|The Sandford Gulf and other lost caves of Sandford Hill}} by R. M. Taviner 
-{{:​archaeology:​wh_summary_of_an_assemblage.pdf|A summary of an assemblage of bones and a pot sherd found in Wookey Hole cave, Mendip Hills, Somerset}} by Vince Simmonds 
-{{blagdon_bone_fissure.pdf|Blagdon Bone Fissure}} by R. M. Taviner 
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