Links to other websites and resources related to our work.

BDCC Google Map of Mendip Caves - A map of the Mendip area with a flexible and useful selection of topological and geographical overlays is available from Bracknell District Caving Club. This displays cave locations and information from the CSCC Access Guide database.

South Wales Caves - An impressive interactive guide to many of the caves of South Wales, including maps, surveys and an extensive photograph library.

Yorkshire Dales Cave Maps - Interactive maps and surveys of the caves and potholes in the Yorkshire Dales.

Derbyshire Cave Registry - On-line searching of the Derbyshire Caving Association's cave registry.

Gloucestershire and Wye Valley Registry - Maintained by the Forest of Dean Cave Conservation and Access Group.

Devon and Cornwall Cave Registry - Maintained by the Devon & Cornwall Underground Council.

Scottish Cave & Mine Database - Maintained by the Grampian Speleological Group.

The above websites all make use of the Web Registry software originally created for the MCRA by Matt Voysey.

Cambrian Cave Registry - On-line searching of the Cambrian Caving Council's Welsh cave registry.

Northern Caves - A searchable on-line database companion to the Northern Caves guide books.

Subterranea Britannica - A catalogue covering man-made underground spaces in Britain, including quarries, mines, bunkers.

Portland Caving - Extensive up to date information on the caves of Portland, Dorset.

UBSS Literature Search - Search the online proceedings and newsletters of the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society.

Belfry Bulletin - Access to the archived journals of the Bristol Exploration Club.

Wessex Journal - Access to the archived journals of the Wessex Cave Club, all issues except for the current year.

Folly Books - A small independent publisher based near Bath. Publishes high quality books on subjects of industrial heritage and archaeology, including the Bath Stone Quarries.

Council of Southern Caving Clubs - Contains news, access details and links to the websites of constituent clubs.

Somerset Wildlife Trust - The county's leading environmental charity. A significant Mendip landowner, including several caves.

The Mendip Society - An organisation dedicated to preserving and enhancing the landscape of the Mendip Hills, including caves and karst features.

Wells & Mendip Museum - Home to many important cave related documents and artefacts.

Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) - Designated by Natural England to help conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the Mendip landscape. Contains links to many other Mendip Organisations. A collection of Caving Songs which were regularly sung during the 1950's and 60's in the Hunters Lodge Inn near Priddy on the Mendip Hills of Somerset. Most of them are genuine folk songs which were composed wholly or partially by cavers about exploits by other cavers. Others are verses about caving or cavers added to bawdy songs which may have originated in Rugby clubs or the like. Many are very rude so be warned if you are of a delicate disposition!

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