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The first of four volumes covering almost every conceivable underground site in the historic County of Somerset, Volume One comprises 275 pages and contains details of more than 750 natural caves, sea caves, mines, sinks, risings, springs, holy wells and artificial underground sites in Bristol, the Avon Gorge, Broadfield Down, the entire Bristol Channel and West Somerset including Milverton, the Quantocks, the Brendons and Exmoor. Priced at a mere £10, this stitched, flexibound, full-colour production has been especially designed for use in the field. Volume Two (West Mendip, Burrington and North Mendip) is currently in the artwork stage and should be available in Spring/Summer 2020. Volumes Three (Central and South Mendip) and Four (East Mendip, Bath and South Somerset) are on course for completion in 2021/2022. The four volumes combined cover more than 2200 sites throughout Somerset and over the course of a twelve year project the MCRA have re-visited all that remain practicably accessible, including almost 400 previously unrecorded sites.

Mines and Minerals of the Mendip Hills by Peter S Burr

by Peter S Burr

“Mines and Minerals of the Mendip Hills will not only become the standard reference on the subject, it will remain so for many years” - Chris Howes, Descent

This book is recommended to anyone interested in the Mendips, in British geology or mineralogy, or in British mining, social or economic history.

With the exception of one chapter which deals with the origin of the mineral mendipite, every effort was made to make the contents of the book understandable to the lay person.

The book is profusely illustrated with some 200 photographs and many maps and diagrams, and contains some 2,700 manuscript, newspaper, and literature references.

Costs £80 £70 which includes UK p&p and consists of two hardback volumes and 1,000 pages, all colour.


Contact or post cheques (Made payable to MCRA) to -

Alan Gray -
42, Maynard Terrace
BS39 5PW

To purchase multiple copies or from overseas, please ask for a quote since p&p costs vary.

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A Cavers Guide

Mendip Underground 5

Compiled and edited by registrars Alan Gray, Rob Taviner and Richard Witcombe.

A thoroughly revised, full colour production featuring :-

Many new entries including the big discoveries at Charterhouse Cave, Reservoir Hole and Upper Flood Swallet

  • Full surveys
  • TOPOs
  • Rigging Guides
  • Original colour photographs

For more info see the dedicated Mendip Underground 5 page.

Mendip & Bristol Ochre Mining

Earth Colours Earth Colours by Marie Clarke, Neville Gregory and Alan Gray

Earth Colours provides an historical record of ochre mining and the use of ochre on Mendip from the Roman times until the mid 20th century.

Neville concentrated on the technical and historical aspects of the industry and Marie looked at what the impact of ochre mining was on the towns, villages and people – her anecdotes of characters and life of the times give a human aspect to this book and some unexpected insights – not least of which being lies, theft and murder!

Tony Jarratt reviewed this book and stated that it will put an entirely different emphasis on mining on Mendip whereas it was thought that the majority of mining was for lead the balance will now be restored with half the mining being for lead and the other half being for ochre.

Alan Gray sourced the photographs and redrew all the maps and diagrams and wrote part of Chapter 12 which brings the research from the 1980's to 2011.

Other factors –

This book was researched during the 1970’s and was not published. Unfortunately Marie passed away and during 2007 I was contacted by Josyanne Clarke (Marie’s daughter) who wished to publish the book as a tribute to her mother.

The book is the same size as the Swildon's and Wookey books so it is a must buy.

Statistics – 292 pages long, hardback in full colour.

Delivery Options

Contact or post cheques (Made payable to MCRA) to -

Alan Gray -
42, Maynard Terrace
BS39 5PW

or Tony Boycott -

You can pay by PayPal or Credit Card by clicking on the appropriate button.

Delivery Method Price Per Copy
By post UK £9
By Airmail Europe £14
By Surface Mail Rest of World * £14
By Airmail Rest of World £19

* Surface mail varies from 6 weeks for Northern America to 12 weeks for Australasia.

To purchase multiple copies, please ask for a quote since p&p costs vary.

In the weeks leading up to his death, Tony Jarratt very generously donated his remaining stock of the fourth edition of “Mendip Underground” and Herbert Balch's classic “Mendip - Its Swallet Caves and Rock Shelters” to the Mendip Cave Registry and Archive. It was Tony's wish that the books be sold by the MCRA to raise funds for the publication of a fifth edition of “Mendip Underground”. The MCRA will fulfil Tony's wish in the next 2 to 3 years and will dedicate the new book to both Tony and Dave Irwin, his co-author for the third and fourth editions.

The sale price for both books has been fixed at £5 each. The two books can be bought together (while stocks last) for a discounted price of £9. The books will be on sale at many future caving events or can be obtained through the post from Tony Boycott at 14 Walton Rise, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, BS9 3EW (Tel: 0117 950 7336 Email: tony.boycott [at]

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