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White Spot Cave

Cheddar Gorge.

NGR:ST 4740 5443
WGS84:51.28656, -2.75564
Length:60 m
Depth:32 m
Altitude:123 m

Large rift-like entrance. High terminal rift with a steep 12m descent for which a rope is useful.

Alternate Names: Echo Cave; Fissure Cave; Greatt. Rift Cave or Cavern; The Great. Rift; Priddy Hole Slitter

Notes: Contact The Manager of Cheddar Caves Ltd., Cheddar, Somerset, enclosing an sae.

White Spot Cave, Duck, J.W., 1935
White Spot Cave, Duck, J.W., 1935
White Spot Cave, Stanton, W.I., 1946
Caves of Cheddar Gorge, Stanton, W.I., 1965
White Spot Cave, Atkinson, A., 2011
Reservoir Hole and White Spot Cave, Atkinson, A., 2013

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