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Banwell Bone Cavern

Banwell Hill; The Caves, Banwell.

NGR:ST 3822 5881
WGS84:51.32502, -2.88801
Length:92 m
Depth:25 m
Altitude:72 m

Artificial steps lead down to large chamber. Side passage from chamber leads to a short descent giving access to Baker's Extension found in 1952.

Alternate Names: Banwell Bone Cave

Notes: Discovered in 1824 and made famous by William Beard who acted as guide to the cave for over forty years. The cave is of great archaeological importance and has yielded much Pleistocene material, some of which is stacked in the cave.

Banwell Caverns, 1829
, 1829
The Bone Cave, Stanton, W.I., 1946
Banwell Bone Cavern, Stewart, P.A.E., 1948
Banwell Bone Cave, Trott, I.B., 1948
Bakers Extension, ACG, 1952
Eastern Branch of area of Excavation, Hunt, J., 1952
Banwell Bone Cave, Eastern Branch, Hunt, J., 1954
Banwell Bone Cave, Chapman, E.J., 1955
Banwell Bone Cave, Chapman, E.J. (drawn by), 1955

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