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Lamb Leer Cavern

Gibbet's Brow, West Harptree.

NGR:ST 5432 5505
WGS84:51.29274, -2.65649
Length:585 m
Depth:67 m
Altitude:251 m
Tags:Cave, Mine

Partly mined shaft gives access to natural and mined tunnels leading to 20m high Great Chamber and further passages and chambers beyond.

Alternate Names: Lamb Lair, Lamb Leer, Lamb Cave, Lamb's Lair, Beaumont's Hole

Notes: Cave was opened by miners about 1675 and soon after explored by Beaumont. Cave was closed about 1820. Re-opened 1880. Blocked until shaft excavated by MNRC, UBSS and WCC in 1936

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Lamb Leer Cavern
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