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Longwood Swallet

Longwood Valley, Charterhouse-on-Mendip.

NGR:ST 4861 5570
WGS84:51.29809, -2.73847
Length:1700 m
Depth:175 m
Altitude:213 m

Longwood Swallet is another constituent of the Cheddar Complex SSSI, and is a very sporting cave, with an impressive main streamway, reached by either a dry or a wet approach. The two routes can be combined to form a short but entertaining round trip. The lower streamway is over 370m long, ever changing in character and well decorated over much of its length. It terminates in an impassable sump at the end of the very difficult Reynolds' Passage. The stream was MKHP spore-tested to Cheddar Risings (20 hours) in 1967. The cave is sometimes referred to as the Longwood/August System. The confusion arose during 1947, when the route to the lower streamway was opened up and the new passages named August Hole. This gave the impression that a separate cave entrance existed, when, in reality August Hole is just part of one cave system. The cave was opened by SSSS in 1944, and the exploration was completed to Great Chamber the following year. UBSS explored August Hole during 1947. MCG opened several extensions during the course of survey work and the present downstream limit in Reynolds' Passage was reached by WCC in 1982. Sadly the cave has been the scene of two fatalities, the first in 1963 due to exposure, and the second in 1986 following a rock fall.

Alternate Names: Longwood-August System

Notes: Often referred to as the Longwood-August System

Digging not permitted without authority from CCC Ltd.

Hydrographic Resurgences: Cheddar Risings

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