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Eastwater Cavern

Eastwater, Priddy.

NGR:ST 53857 50618
WGS84:51.25285, -2.66256
Length:2800 m
Depth:160 m
Altitude:238 m

Entrance ruckle enters 380ft Way and Upper Series to Primrose Pot. Twin Verticals gain access to Lower Series down to terminal choke. Also extensive and excessively difficult West End Series is gained in Ifold Series.

Alternate Names: Eastwater Swallet

Hydrographic Resurgences: Wookey Hole

Coup du Gouffre d'Eastwater
Diagrammatic Section - Eastwater etc. to Wookey Hole., Balch, H.E., drawn by Savory, J.H.
Section of the Great Cavern of Eastwater, Balch, H.E., 1902
Section of the Great Cavern of Eastwater., Balch, H.E., 1902
Eastwater Swallet Cave, Section, Balch, H.E., 1936
Projected section of Eastwater Swallet Cave, Balch, H.E., 1936
Rough sketch survey of Extension, Weaver, C.P. and Bowen, G.B., 1938
Eastwater Swallet on Mendips **, Weaver, C.P., 1938
Primrose Path Vertical, Kenney, C.H., 1950
Eastwater Swallet Cavern, Wells, O.C., 1954
Eastwater Cavern, Warburton, D. and Surrall, A.J., 1954
Eastwater Cavern, Dolphin Ladder Pitch, Lloyd, O.C., 1959
Primrose Pot, 1962

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