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Name TagsLengthDepthAltitude
Wurt Pit Karst42274
Wychanger Adit none
Wychanger Mine Mine000
X Borehole
X-Stone Mine Mine000
Y-Stone Mine Mine000
Yarborough Fissure Cave3329
Yatton Keynall Mine 1 Mine200111
Yatton Keynall Mine 2 Mine150111
Yelling Mill Spring Rising00220
Yeolands Fissures Cave, Lost
Yew Cleft Hole Cave, CROW62104
Yew Tree Cottage Well Well0098
Yew Tree Rift Karst00162
Yew Tree Swallet Dig, Sink, CROW33142
Yewtree Wood Creep Cave31125
Yewtree Wood Rift Cave000
Yoghurt Pot Dig63251
Yogi Pot Dig, Rising205134
Yoh Hole Cave20217
Yorkhouse Cave Cave90105
Yoxter Hut Collapse none77244
Yoxter Mineshaft No.1 Mine, Shaft770
Yoxter Mineshaft No.2 none1010275
Yoxter Mineshaft No.3 none000
Zig Zag Adit Mine00300
Zig Zag Rock Shelter Cave000
Zoo Swallet Cave95226
Zulu Cavelet Cave123152

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