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NameTagsLengthDepth Altitude
Nye Close Rifts Cave
Holcombe Sink Sink
Long Ground Collapse Collapse
Red Quar Collapse Collapse
X Borehole
Nyland Hill Workings Mine
Breach Wood Spring 1 Rising
Breach Wood Spring 2 Rising
Breach Wood Spring 3 Rising
Breach Wood Spring 4 Rising
Breach Wood Spring 5 Rising
Breach Wood Swallet 2 none
Eastlays Quarry - Vertical Shaft No. 1 Fan Mine, Shaft
Eastlays Quarry - Vertical Shaft 4 Mine, Shaft
Cabin Bottom Karst
King's Castle Wood Hole Cave
Holman's Shaft Mine, Shaft
Bannerdown Quarries Mine, Quarry
Wormcliff Lane Spring none
Cleves Spring none
Corsham Well 1 none
Glovers Lane Well none
Derry Hill Well Rising
Cat's Well Rising
Monk's Park Spring Rising
Nookey Hole Cave, Shaft, Well, Artif2435

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