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NameTagsLengthDepth Altitude
Spider Hole none136100184
Vurley Swallet Cave, Dig, CROW151100223
Blackland Mine - North Adit Mine300100285
Templeton Cave, Dig101101252
Wigmore Swallet Cave1000110265
Elworthy Mine Mine700112368
Gough's Cave Cave, Archaeo, Rising340511531
Thrupe Lane Swallet Cave1418120187
Biddlecombe Borehole Well123123212
Gupworthy New Pit Mine2300130360
Reservoir Hole Cave2095131128
Tyning's Barrows Swallet Cave1296132256
G.B. Cave Cave1950134253
Upper Flood Swallet Cave, CROW4720136237
Gupworthy Old Pit Mine0140366
Kennisham Hill Pit Mine20001420
Wookey Hole Cave365914370
St. Cuthbert's Swallet Cave, CROW7103144241
Rhino Rift Cave300147213
Farleigh Down Tunnel Mine80015030
Carnarvon New Pit Mine3200154390
Eastwater Cavern Cave2800160238
Swildon's Hole Cave9146167238
Longwood Swallet Cave1700175213
Rookham Borehole Karst175175157
Manor Farm Swallet Cave, CROW1150179233
Batheaston Trial Shafts none2042040
Raleigh's Cross Mine Mine3000211385
Charterhouse Cave Cave5218228255

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