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Name TagsLengthDepthAltitude
Woodborough Mines Mine0030
Woodspring Bay Cave Cave520
Woodspring Priory Holy Well Well000
Wookey Hole Cave365914370
Wookey Hole 9-2 Dig000
Wookey Hole Exit Tunnel Mine0064
Wookey Hole Spring Rising000
Wookey Hole Ventilation Tunnel Mine0064
Woolley Hill Mellowstones Quarry Mine, Lost0065
Woolley House Workings Mine, Lost0063
Woolley Street Quarry Mine, Lost0058
Workman's Hole Cave86221
Worle Cave Cave0254
Worle Mine Mine
Worle Quarry Cave - 2 Cave2262
Worle Quarry Cave - 3 Cave6461
Worle Quarry Cave - 4 Cave3361
Worle Quarry Cave - 5 Cave6661
Worle Quarry Cave - 6 Cave6561
Worle Quarry Cave - 7 Cave6765
Worle Quarry Cave - 8 Cave0057
Worle Quarry Mine Mine151261
Worlebury Camp Hole Cave
Wormcliff Lane Spring none
Wormcliffe Lane Well Lost, Well00118
Wort Wood Mine Mine00193
Wrington Mines Lost
Wurt Pit Karst42274
Wychanger Adit none
Wychanger Mine Mine000

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