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NameTagsLengthDepth Altitude
Belmont Combe Middle Mine Mine
Belmont Combe Upper Mine Mine
Belmont Combe Lower Mine Mine
Lapwing Farm Slocker Collapse
Dead Cat Hole Mine
Eastwater Rake Dig Dig
Tun Well Holy
Littlewell Rising, Spa
Mermaids Crevice none8
Sharbutt's Rift 2 Cave, Fissure8
Neddyfields Rift none20
Queen's Entrance to Ariel Cave (Blacknor Hole) Cave
Waterfall Cave SeaCave
Turleigh Trows Rising, Holy88
Deep Depression Collapse Collapse
Tin Mine Mine, Shaft
Westbury Quarry Cave 2 Cave
Westbury Quarry Cave 3 Cave
Westbury Quarry Cave 5 Cave
Westbury Quarry Cave 6 Cave
Westbury Quarry Cave 7 Cave
Westbury Quarry Cave 8 Cave
Westbury Quarry Shaft Cave, Shaft
Westbury Quarry Cave 4 Cave
Westbury Quarry Cave 9 none
Westbury Quarry Cave 10 Cave
Westbury Quarry Cave 11 Cave
Alford's Cavern Cave
Priest Hole Fissure
Bradley Cross Spring Rising

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