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NameTagsLengthDepth Altitude
Mole Hole Mine
Clapton Court Mines Mine
Rose Hill Pit none
Compton Combe Mineshaft Mine
Compton Combe Shelter Cave, RockShelt
Norton's Wood Cave Cave
Court Wood Quarry Hole Cave
Bleadon Spring No.1 Rising
Bleadon Spring No.2 Rising
Bleadon Spring No.3 Rising
Twin Tubes Cave
Redcliffe Caves - 2 Mine
Tickenham Hill Mine Mine
Castle Hill Quarry Hole Cave
Ranscombe Mine 1 Mine
Ranscombe Mine 2 Mine
Day's Hill Mine Mine
Weston Woods Mineshaft Mine, Shaft
Worle Mine Mine
Hurlstone Point Cave - 12 Cave
Christ Church Mine Mine
Bristol Temple Meads Tunnels Artif
Bridewell Rising, Well
Parallel Gashes Mine
Barleycombe Wood Spring Rising
Crook Peak Hole Cave
Park Farm Quarry Cave none
Hillend Barytes Mine Mine
Purn Hill Mine 1 Mine
Purn Hill Mine 2 Mine

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