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Name TagsLengthDepthAltitude
Allotment Dig Cave0
Allotments Quarry Mine00163
Almondsbury Fissure Cave, Lost0075
Almonsbury Lead Mine (Old Shaft) Mine0076
Ambrosia Hole Dig00134
Amey's Quarry Cave Cave
Ammonite Rift Cave105130
Amphitheatre Cave Cave000
Amphitheatre Mine Mine33290
Anchor Head Cave Cave1540
Angus' Hole Mine, Shaft114240
Anniversary Rift Cave18
Anvil Point Cave Cave
Apshill Swallet Sink0085
Aqueduct Hole Cave21105
Arachnid Rift Cave156168
Arboretum Sink Sink2140
Arc Rift Cave, Lost60
Arch Cave Cave320
Archway Cave Cave, Mine000
Ariadne's Well Rising, Well00150
Ariel Cave (Blacknor Hole) Cave87500
Arm Cover Leat Conduit
Ash Tree Pit Mine, Shaft22200
Ash Tree Rifts Cave32151
Asham Quarry Cave 1 Cave00158
Asham Quarry Cave 2 Cave00134
Asham Wood Cave Cave91170
Ashbrittle Adit Mine000
Ashcombe Park Cave Cave5310

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