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Name TagsLengthDepthAltitude
1921 Dig Dig, CROW11171
1968 Dig Cave, Dig
200 Steps Cave Cave3255
200 Yard Dig Dig, CROW66113
6X Cave Cave120116
Abbey Farm Pot Cave070
Abbott's Pool Cave Cave, Artif
ACG-05 Mine, Shaft2254
ACG-07 Mine, Shaft2257
ACG-26 Mine660
ACG-27 Mine6455
Adam's Grove Swallet Sink000
Adam's Well Rising, Well000
Admiralty Rift Cave30
Agnes' Fountain none0090
Aisholt Cave Cave, Dig203185
Aisholt Quarry Tube none00220
Aisholt Rock Shelter none
Alco Hole Mine20
Alco Hole Mine6470
Aley Cave Cave
Alfie's Hole Dig1211244
Alford Spa Rising0034
Alford's Cavern Cave
Alham Springs Rising000
All Eights Field Shaft 1 Mine77282
All Eights Field Shaft 2 Mine188282
All Eights Mineshaft Mine9146282
All Saints Pipe Well000
Aller Hill Alabaster Workings Mine, Quarry

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