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NameTagsLengthDepth Altitude
Swallet D none
Stoneycroft Mines Mine, Adit
Hundred Acre Mine Lost
Kingdown Farm collapse none
Mineshaft nr. Rhino Rift Mine
Priddy Road Garage Swallet none
Twin Fork Mine Mine
Westbury Cave Cave, Archaeo226
Milton Sink Sink
Templedown Collapse none260
Forestry Dig none
Vonpitt Dig282
Chimney Sink Sink
Amey's Quarry Cave Cave
Bector Wood Quarry none
Brock's Hole Cave
Cook's Wood Quarry none
Merchant's House Tunnel Artif25
Ashley Combe House Tunnels Artif
Whatley Quarry none
Lost Cave of Axbridge Lost
Wrington Mines Lost
Shiplate Spring Rising10
Squire's Well Rising71
Fairy Toot [long barrow] Archaeo135
Mascall's Wood Cave Lost123
Murtry Hill Spring Rising
Walton Bone Cave No.1 Cave80
Walton Bone Cave No.2 Archaeo80
Oldmixon Tunnel none

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