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Burrow Farm Mine Mine210050400
Withiel Hill Pit Mine, Shaft35050390
Carnarvon New Pit Mine3200154390
Raleigh's Cross Mine Mine3000211385
Higher Goosemoor Mine Mine, Shaft60078382
Tone Mine 1 Mine00382
Tone Mine 2 Mine00382
Richard's Pit none2323380
Lethbridge's Shaft Mine, Shaft00377
Carew Pit none2000370
Raleigh's Cross Adit Mine00370
Elworthy Mine Mine700112368
Gupworthy Old Pit Mine0140366
Gupworthy New Pit Mine2300130360
Skip Drift Mine, Shaft038360
Scott's Field Drift Mine, Shaft015360
Lothbrook Pit none35020360
Lothbrook Pit No.2 Shaft00360
Baker's Pit Mine20060359
Weekfield Trial Shaft Mine, Shaft00358
Sea View Adit Mine3300354
Smoky Bottom Pit Mine00350
Betsy Mine Mine, Shaft00350
Passmore's Pit Mine, Shaft5038345
Kennisham Hill Adit none8500345
Langham Hill Mine Mine00345
Round House Adit Mine2500342
Mold's Pit Mine, Shaft15033341
Roman Pit Mine, Shaft40022340
Gupworthy Adit Mine00340

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