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ImageCaveCategoryTitlePhotographer OriginalDate
Long HoleFormationsGreat Stalagmite BankAnonPhotograph1896
Goatchurch CavernFormationsPile of stalactite near the entranceAnonPhotograph1897
Banwell Stalactite CaveChamberAt the bottom of the Great CaveAnonPhotograph1896
Banwell Bone CavernChamberThe bones in the Bone CaveAnonPhotograph1896
Banwell Bone CavernEntranceNear EntranceAnonPhotograph1896
Lamb Leer CavernChamberBeneath the Windlass, which is 80 feet above.AnonPhotograph1896
Lamb Leer CavernEntranceEntranceAnonPhotograph1896
Lamb Leer CavernChamberIn a corner of the Great ChamberAnonPhotograph1896
Wheel PitSurfaceWheel PitAnonPhotograph1896
Bradshaws cavePassageApril PassageAndrew WatsonDigital2016
Bradshaws cavePassageHoveringhams ChamberAndrew WatsonDigital2016
Bradshaws caveEntranceThe 2nd entranceAndrew WatsonDigital2016
Bradshaws caveEntranceThe first entranceAndrew WatsonDigital2016
Elm CavePassage16/09/1984 Rich Warman watching Colin Houlden dive in the third chamberAlison MoodyDigital1984
Jubilee CaveEntranceEntranceAlison MoodyDigital2010

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