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ImageCaveCategoryTitlePhotographer OriginalDate
Upper Flood SwalletFormationsUpper Flood Wills KPhotograph1986
Gough's CaveSqueezeK. Wills entering 2nd Fonts breakthrough (Little Man Series) Aug 86Wills KPhotograph1986
Gough's CaveFigureColin Rogers at the top of the Fonts (The traverse leads to Duck's Delight)Wills KPhotograph1986
Gough's CaveFigurePaul Hodgson returning through Creosote Tunnel - Fonts DigWills KPhotograph1986
Gough's CaveFormationsTop of First Boulder Rift from Fonts DigWills KPhotograph1986
Gough's CaveChamberK. Wills looking up into an Aven in the Little Man SeriesWills KPhotograph1986
Gough's CavePassageK. Wills looking back from Tunnel and new dig in front of 2nd breakthroughWills KPhotograph1986
Gough's CaveFormationsMud Formations Little Man SeriesWills KPhotograph1986
Gough's CavePitchAnon, Andy Sparrow, Miles Barrington prepare the ladder pitch to Lloyd HallWills KPhotograph1986
Gough's CavePitchSteve decends the pitch to Lloyd HallWills KPhotograph1986
Stoke Lane SlockerFormationsBeryl Brett confronts "Queen Victoria" - Throne RoomWills KPhotograph1986
Stoke Lane SlockerFormationsLooking into Princess Grotto form the Throne RoomWills KPhotograph1986
Swildon's HolePitchClimbing the Double PotsWills KPhotograph1987
Swildon's HolePitchRoger Gullidge free climbing the twenty foot ladder pitchWills KPhotograph1987
Stoke Lane SlockerFormationsPrincess GrottoWills KPhotograph1987

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