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Image CaveCategoryTitlePhotographerOriginalDate
Viaduct SinkDiggingDrilling with feet in squeezeDave KingDigital2019
Viaduct SinkPassageWatson AndyDigital2009
White PitEntranceEntrancePete RoperDigital1993
Viaduct SinkEntranceShaftClive NorthDigital2018
Viaduct SinkSurfaceGeoff Newton and Richard Witcombe uncover the old gate. Clive NorthDigital2018
Viaduct SinkSurfaceDisused railway viaduct near entrancePaul StillmanDigital2019
Swiss Valley CaveEntranceEntrance Peter FlanaganDigital2019
Strawberry Hill RiftEntranceEntrancePeter FlanaganDigital2019
Strawberry Hill CaveEntranceEntrancePeter FlanaganDigital2019
Sandy CaveEntranceEntranceWatson AndyDigital2006
Loxton Quarry CaveEntranceEntranceWatson AndyDigital2012
Jubilee CaveEntranceEntranceAlison MoodyDigital2010
Hall CaveEntranceEntrancePete MoodyDigital2010
Elephant RiftEntranceEntrance Watson AndyDigital2006
Dairy House SlockerPassageEntrance to small caveWatson AndyDigital2007

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