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Image CaveCategoryTitlePhotographerOriginalDate
Stoke Lane SlockerFormationsThrone RoomTucker JohnPhotograph
Stoke Lane SlockerStreamwayStreamwayTucker JohnPhotograph1961
Stoke Lane SlockerCrawlRidyard's WriggleTucker JohnPhotograph
Stoke Lane SlockerStreamwayStrewm PassageTucker JohnPhotograph
Stoke Lane SlockerStreamwayStreamwayTucker JohnPhotograph
Swildon's HoleFormationsTratman's TempleTucker JohnPhotograph1955
Swildon's HoleFormationsPassage near the Blasted BossTucker JohnPhotograph
Swildon's HolePitchThe bottom of the 40ft PotTucker JohnPhotograph1961
Swildon's HoleFormationsFormations near the entry to Barnes LoopTucker JohnPhotograph
Swildon's HoleFormationsPillar above the 20ft Pot used as a belay by Balch & Co.Tucker JohnPhotograph
Swildon's HoleFormationsTratman's TempleTucker JohnPhotograph
Ubley Warren PotFormationsRuckle GrottoTucker JohnPhotograph
Banwell Bone CaveFormationsBaker ExtensionTucker JohnPhotograph1970
Banwell Stalactite CaFormationsTucker JohnPhotograph1970
Balch CavePitchThe original entranceTucker JohnPhotograph

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