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ImageCaveCategoryTitle PhotographerOriginalDate
Swildon's HoleClimbTwenty Foot PotPrewer BrianSlide
Beetle DropEntranceTusker peering down the entrance. Taken on the night the cave was capped.Stillman PaulPhotograph2000
Swildon's HoleFormationsTrouble SeriesDavies PhilPhotograph
Holly Bush ShaftEntranceTripod over entranceHowe SeanDigital2004
GB CavePassageTributary stream entering the Gorge - 9 Dec 1984Wills KPhotograph1984
Swildon's HoleChamberTributary RiftTucker JohnPhotograph1953
Eastwater CavernBedding PlaneTraverse Bedding PlaneTucker JohnPhotograph1974
Swildon's HoleFormationsTratmans TempleAnonPhotograph1964
Swildon's HoleChamberTratmans TempleThomson DonPhotograph
Swildon's HoleFormationsTratman's Temple 20 September 1959Hewins MauricePhotograph1959
Swildon's HoleFigureTratman's Temple (6 May 1984)Gray AlanPhotograph1984
Swildon's HoleFormationsTratman's TempleTucker JohnPhotograph1955
Swildon's HoleFormationsTratman's TempleTucker JohnPhotograph
Swildon's HoleFormationsTratman's TempleTucker JohnPhotograph1970
Swildon's HoleFormationsTrat's TempleMurrell HywelPhotograph

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