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Image CaveCategoryTitlePhotographerOriginalDate
Browne's HoleFormationsThe Annex Grotto. Pure white soft calciteTucker JohnPhotograph1961
Browne's HoleFormationsThe AnnexTucker JohnPhotograph
Browne's HoleFormationsThe Annex Grotto, Lower Grotto, pure white soft calciteTucker JohnPhotograph1961
Browne's HolePassageEntrance PassageTucker JohnPhotograph1960
Browne's HoleFloodEntrance Passage, floodedTucker JohnPhotograph1960
Browne's HoleFormationsTor ChamberTucker JohnPhotograph
Browne's HoleFormationsThe DairyTucker JohnPhotograph
Cuckoo CleevesFormationsUpper Grottoes. Stal floor being re-disolvedTucker JohnPhotograph
Cuckoo CleevesFormationsUpper GrottoesTucker JohnPhotograph
Dallimore's CaveFormationsStalactites destroyed soon after this photograph was takemTucker JohnPhotograph1955
Eastwater CavernBedding PlaneTraverse Bedding PlaneTucker JohnPhotograph1974
East Twin SwalletChamberSmall cascade over unstable bouldersTucker JohnPhotograph
Goatchurch CavernCrawlThe DrainpipeTucker JohnPhotograph
Bradford PitPitchWine Street, Bradford-on-AvonTucker JohnPhotograph
Bradford PitChamberWine Street, Bradford-on-AvonTucker JohnPhotograph

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