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ImageCaveCategoryTitlePhotographer OriginalDate
Wookey HoleSurfaceFootbridge across river and steps to cave entranceAnonPhotograph
Wookey HoleSurfaceRiver Axe flowing from West sluice-gateAnonPhotograph1938
Wookey HoleSurfaceEscape of the River AxeAnonPhotograph1934
Wookey HoleChamberWitch's ParlourAnonPhotograph1934
Wookey HoleChamberView from second chamberAnonPhotograph1934
Wookey HoleChamberSt. Michael’s MountAnonPhotograph
Wookey HoleSurfaceValley Footpath and RestaurantAnonPhotograph
Wookey HoleEntranceThe River Axe in the valley after leaving the CaveAnonPhotograph
Wookey HoleEntranceThe Old River Courses, Wookey HoleAnonPhotograph
Wookey HoleEntranceThe Witch of WookeyAnonPhotograph
Wookey HoleFormationsThe Witch’s KitchenAnonPhotograph
Wookey HoleFormationsThe Island StalagmiteAnonPhotograph
Wookey HoleFormationsThe Subterranean River Axe in the Witch’s KitchenAnonPhotograph
Wookey HoleChamberExploring Charon’s Chamber. Discovered 1934. H E Balch 2nd from the rightAnonPhotograph
Wookey HoleChamberThe Second Chamber or Hall of WookeyAnonPhotograph

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