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ImageCaveCategory TitlePhotographerOriginalDate
Cheddar GorgeSurfaceRoundhouse. with man/shotgun & three dogs. Quarter Plate. The roof is made of copper sheets beaten into shape and separate strips are then formed over "hopsticks", which join each sheet and weather the roof. A lead patch has been used to repair at some AnonPhotograph
Cheddar GorgeSurfaceLooking toward Gorge from Hamfield farm.AnonPhotograph
Cheddar GorgeSurfaceParty of four walking down GorgeAnonPhotograph
Cheddar GorgeSurfaceAcross Bays pond. Toward Birch Hill & Red StepsAnonPhotograph
Cheddar GorgeSurfaceBusy Shot looking up GorgeAnonPhotograph
Hunter's Lodge InnSurfaceHunter's Lodge InnKenney HowardPhotograph1946
Burrington CombeSurfaceBurrington Combe. Outside the Swallet depression between Keltic and Rod's Pot. Photo taken 25 May 1946.Stanton WilliePhotograph1946
Swildon's HoleSurfaceBroadcasting from SwildonsAnonPhotograph
Eastwater CavernSurfaceHut at EastwaterAnonPhotograph
Rock SwalletSurfaceSurfaceLumley MarkDigital2011
Attborough SwalletSurfaceIvens RichardPhotograph1911
Attborough SwalletSurfaceThe road to Green Ore - 02 Sept 1911Ivens RichardPhotograph1911
Attborough SwalletSurfaceThe rabbit bury above swallet.Balls Cottage at Cheddar Rd/Chewton junctionIvens RichardPhotograph1911
Wookey HoleSurfaceThe source of the River AxeAnonPhotograph1896
Wheel PitSurfaceWheel PitAnonPhotograph1896

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