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Axbridge Ochre CavernFormationsFormations in the Main RiftTucker JohnPhotograph
Axbridge Ochre CavernFormationsWater RiftTucker JohnPhotograph
Axbridge Ochre CavernFormationsFormations in the roof of the Main RiftTucker JohnPhotograph
Balch CaveFormationsErratic PassageTucker JohnPhotograph
Balch CaveFormationsCascade ChamberTucker JohnPhotograph
Balch CavePitchCascade ChamberTucker JohnPhotograph
Balch CaveChamberCascade ChamberTucker JohnPhotograph
Balch CavePassageErratic PassageTucker JohnPhotograph
Coral CaveFigureThe EndTucker JohnPhotograph
Brownes' HoleFormationsUpstream Series - Formations in Helictite ChamberTucker JohnPhotograph
Coral CavePitchTucker JohnPhotograph
Cuckoo CleevesPassageUpper GrottoTucker JohnPhotograph
Cuckoo CleevesPassageFormations off Stream Passge in Bedding ChamberTucker JohnPhotograph
GB CaveFormationsBat PassageTucker JohnPhotograph
GB CaveFormationsMain ChamberTucker JohnPhotograph

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