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ImageCave CategoryTitlePhotographerOriginalDate
Georisistivity21 April 1968Hewins MauricePhotograph1968
FormationsCalcite in crystal form (Dog's Tooth)Hagan BertSlide1965
FormationsStalactites (Horizontal fracture)Hagan BertSlide1965
FormationsStalactites (Horizontal fracture polished)Hagan BertSlide1965
ArchaeologyFlint artefacts - arrowheadsHagan BertSlide1965
DiverCave diverHagan BertSlide1965
DiverCave diverHagan BertSlide1965
6X CaveEntranceWatson AndyDigital2011
6X CavePassageWatson AndyDigital2011
6X CavePassageWatson AndyDigital2011
ACG&AS 3rd Annual Dinner 1955SocialACG&AS 3rd Annual Dinner, Cliff Hotel, Cheddar, 19 March 1955Humphry, EvPhotograph1955
ACG&AS Annual Dinner 1953SocialACG&AS Dinner, 6 May 1953AnonPhotograph1953
Aisholt Quarry CaveEntranceEntranceNick ChipchaseDigital1993
Arachnid RiftEntranceEntrance in quarry faceStillman PaulDigital2014
Asham Wood CaveEntranceEntrance in outcrop on Andys leftStillman PaulDigital2014

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