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ImageCaveCategory TitlePhotographerOriginalDate
Banwell Bone CaveArchaeologyBy the Bone Stack looking at the PitfallTucker JohnPhotograph1969
Banwell Bone CaveArchaeologyBeard's Bone StacksTucker JohnPhotograph
Banwell Bone CaveArchaeologyBone DepositTucker JohnPhotograph1964
Banwell Bone CaveArchaeologyBone DepositTucker JohnPhotograph1964
Charterhouse Warren FarmArchaeologySkeleton of a dog in the second chamberGray AlanDigital2007
Loxton CavernArchaeologyClay pipeGray AlanDigital2005
Banwell Bone CaveArchaeologyBone ExcavationsHunt JimPhotograph1954
Banwell Bone CaveArchaeologyHunt JimPhotograph1956
ArchaeologyFlint artefacts - arrowheadsHagan BertSlide1965
Park Lane Stone MineArchaeologyCranesTucker JohnPhotograph1966
Brimble Pit SwalletArchaeologyAnimal hornsVoysey MattDigital2008
Banwell Bone CavernArchaeology23 June 1986Wills KPhotograph1986
Swildon's HoleArchaeologyFourKemp DennisPhotograph1957
Eastwater CavernBedding PlaneTraverse Bedding PlaneTucker JohnPhotograph1974
Eastwater CavernBedding PlaneThe slide beyond the CanyonTucker JohnPhotograph1957

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