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Carrion SlockerEntranceRemoving debris from the depressionPaul StillmanDigital2016
Carrion SlockerEntranceExcavation of the entrance continuesPaul StillmanDigital2017
River Baton HoleEntranceEntrancePaul StillmanDigital2017
Elm CaveEntranceEntrancePaul StillmanDigital2017
Elm CavePassageFirst ChamberPaul StillmanDigital2017
Elm CaveEntranceEntrancePaul StillmanDigital2017
Vurley SwalletEntranceEntranceNick ChipchaseDigital2015
Withyhill CaveFormationsFormations in Priceless GrottoNick ChipchaseDigital2017
Vurley SwalletPassagePassageNick ChipchaseDigital2015
Vurley SwalletEntrancePiped entranceNick ChipchaseDigital2015
Sludge Pit HoleEntranceEntrancePaul StillmanDigital2015
Aisholt Quarry CaveEntranceEntranceNick ChipchaseDigital1993
Aisholt Quarry CaveEntranceQuarry FaceNick ChipchaseDigital1993
Wort Wood MineEntranceNick ChipchaseDigital
Hyaena DenEntranceEntrance to the denUnknownPhotograph

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