Welcome to the Mendip Cave Registry and Archive's on-line collection of caving log books and publications.

On this site you will find several complete photographic records of caving log books from clubs and individuals. The contents of these books have been freely released to the general community by their authors for reference and interest.

Also in this collection are photographic and electronic versions of historic caving club journals, newsletters, publications and other materials.

The site is organised into folders, within which are thumbnail images of the pages in the original log book. Click a thumbnail to view a larger version of the page.

Note: Copyright for the text and pictures in these log books and publications remains with their original authors. The Mendip Cave Registry and Archive takes no responsibility for errors or misinformation contained within these materials, nor will it be liable for any offence taken or injury caused.

To conserve space the images available here are generally reduced in both size and quality from the original scans. If you require access to the higher resolution versions please get in touch with the MCRA.