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Welcome to the Mendip Cave Registry and Archive's On-line Log Books Collection.

On this site you will find several complete photographic records of caving log books from clubs and individuals. The contents of these books have been freely released to the general community by their authors for reference and interest.

The site is organised into folders, within which are thumbnail images of the pages in the original log book. Click a thumbnail to view a larger version of the page.

You can also add your own comments to the images using the "Add Comment" link under each picture. These comments are visible to all other visitors to the site. Please feel free to add any additional information or observations about the logbook entries, especially if you were there!

Note: Copyright for the text and pictures in these log books remains with their original authors. The Mendip Cave Registry and Archive takes no responsibility for errors or misinformation contained within these books, nor will it be liable for any offence taken or injury caused.

To conserve space the images available here are generally reduced in both size and quality from the original scans. If you require access to the higher resolution versions please get in touch with the MCRA.


4 album(s) - 1 picture(s)
Alan Gray
502 picture(s)
Alan Mills
48 picture(s)
BEC Caving Log Books 1943-1999
21 album(s) - 1 picture(s)
Dave Yeandle
4 album(s)
Dick Pike
4 album(s)
Don Coase
91 picture(s)
Eric Hensler
48 picture(s)
Fred Davies
5 album(s)
Gerard Platten Index
59 picture(s)
Jack Duck 1931-35
96 picture(s)
John Aylott 1969 - 1983
338 picture(s)
Luke Devenish
1 album(s) - 1 picture(s)
Maurice Hewins
155 picture(s)
NHASA 1970-91
249 picture(s)
Paul Allen 1965-69
4 album(s)
Phil Weaver 1938-39
57 picture(s)
Ralph Wills
66 picture(s)
Sidcot School SS 1929 - 1978
26 album(s) - 1 picture(s)
Severn Valley Caving Club 1963-85
2 album(s) - 1 picture(s)
Salisbury Caving Group
98 picture(s)
WAACS 1961 - 1965
72 picture(s)
Wessex CC 1946 - 1996
28 album(s) - 1 picture(s)
Willie Stanton
24 album(s) - 1 picture(s)
Axbridge Caving Group 1960 - 2005
9 album(s) - 1 picture(s)
Tony Jarratt's Log Books
15 album(s) - 1 picture(s)